FKT: Em Shank - Stowe Pinnacle (VT) - 2023-07-30

Route variation
Up and down
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Total time
1h 24m 47s
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This is the "hard" route, not from meadows. Both ascent and descent. Arrived shortly before 7am and got started. It didn't take long for the vert to get started and hiked quite a bit on the way up. Temps were abnormally cool for this time of year and my lungs were not used to the cold air. Mostly had the trail to myself and had the summit to myself as well and spent a few minutes taking it in. Usually it is packed at the top. On the way down I veered off onto hogback for probably 60 seconds out and had to back track. 3/4's the way down I unfortunately landed on a lose rock and went down pretty hard, ironically not in a very technical area. I walked the rest of the trail and called it a day. I now have a small ankle fracture to go with this memory!