FKT: Emil Bischofberger - Zurich - Zug, Swiss Regional Route 47 (Switzerland) - 2020-04-26

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
2h 37m 40s
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After the cancellation of Zurich Marathon which would have been held on the 26th April, I was looking for another way to make use of me quite decent shape. That's when I found the route that Dario added to FKT. I checked it out at the beginning of march and thought that I should be able to beat it with quite some margin. But then he upped the challenge by improving his own him – on the day of my birthday. Anyway, the challenge was on and I went for it. I had thought that I could easily outrun him in the last 10km, but was suffering quite hard from all the climbs and descents as I only recently have found the pleasure in running up and down trails and hills. Anyway a cool day, I was able to push myself for the whole stretch and ended it by posting a time, that would have made me very proud, had I finished with it my marathon. :-D