FKT: Emily Halnon - Pacific Crest Trail through OR (OR) - 2020-08-09

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7d 19h 23m 0s

On, August 1st at 5:21am, I started running from the California border, with the goal of making it to Washington in a fastest known time. I reached the Bridge of the Gods 7 days/19 hours/23 minutes later - with a little bit of everything along the way - spectacular views of Oregon's finest alpine features, no views while trudging through merciless storms on exposed ridgelines between Three Fingered Jack and Mount Jefferson, plush loamy trails, annoyingly rocky trails, a soundtrack of thunder while circling the Three Sisters, hot and dry days in Southern Oregon, tedious nights through the outskirts of Crater Lake National Park, trailside dance parties, trailside blister lancing - and not a ton of sleep between the start and finish. 

I did this in (incredibly) supported style, with both crew and pacers helping me cover the 453 miles - including Danielle Snyder - who established the women's FKT last summer - and her PCT partner Jameson Clover. I am infinitely grateful for their wisdom and support and encouragement - and hope to be able to offer the same for a future FKT attempt. 

I posted some updates on instagram during the run (@emilysweats) - as did my crew - and I'll continue to post more stories and trail tales there as I process the run in the coming days. This run was unquestionably one of the most challenging things I've ever done - but also one of the most special. I am so grateful for everyone who helped me be able to show up and do this. I am also extraordinarily grateful to the hundreds of people who supported this run through $29k in donations to Brave Like Gabe and rare cancer research.