FKT: Emily Keddie, Erica Raggio - Mt Washington (OR) - 2021-07-01

Route variation
up & down from PCT TH
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 18m 16s
GPS track(s)

For my birthday, I wanted to climb Mt Washington because it’s super fun and we could both fit it in before work. Erica had never climbed it so that was part of the excitement.

For an FKT, this can be easily had- we stopped for at least 45 minutes at the top when she surprised me with champagne and cupcakes she had in her Mary poppins running vest, and we took many pictures, and spent a good deal of time enjoying the summit sans clothing because that’s the best way. 

Also, we came down a different route than I’d done before, which took longer- we scree skied down one of the west side chutes. It didn’t end up saving time or distance, but was fun nonetheless. We did put some effort into moving quickly overall, hence the submission, but if you skip a big celebration up top, a fast time can be had.

It is quite fun coming back repeatedly and knowing the route better each time. 

Snow is all gone.