Athlete: Emily Keddie



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Lost Coast Trail (CA) Northern section Unsupported 5h 29m 41s
Big Rock Ridge (CA) one way Unsupported 1h 45m 41s
Sisters Trifinity Loop (OR) Standard route Supported 1d 13h 27m 12s
South Sister (OR) round trip Unsupported 3h 5m 43s
South Sister (OR) ascent Unsupported 1h 54m 22s
City of Buffalo Perimeter (NY) Standard loop Supported 5h 5m 27s
Lost Coast Trail (CA) Southern section Unsupported 7h 21m 38s
Three Fingered Jack (OR) Ascent from Santiam Pass TH Unsupported 1h 54m 23s
Three Fingered Jack (OR) Up & down from Santiam Pass TH Unsupported 3h 40m 43s
Mt Washington (OR) up & down from PCT TH Unsupported 5h 18m 16s
McKenzie River Trail (OR) out & back Self-supported 11h 38m 58s
Bullet with a Butterfly Wing (OR) Standard route Unsupported 3h 34m 8s
The Headless Horsemen: Horse to Horse to Horse to Horse (OR) Standard route Unsupported 6h 24m 5s
Crater Lake Rim High Route (OR) Standard Loop Unsupported 7h 31m 2s
Strawberry Lollipop (OR) Standard route Unsupported 4h 37m 7s
Mt. McLoughlin Circumnavigation (OR) Circumnavigation Self-supported 7h 4m 56s
Mt. McLoughlin Circumnavigation (OR) Circumnavigation + Summit Self-supported 9h 54m 55s
Mount Rose (NV) ascent Unsupported 1h 9m 20s
Escalante Overland Route (UT) Standard point-to-point Unsupported 4d 7h 52m 0s
Three Sisters (OR) One way Unsupported 8h 29m 5s
Rae Lakes Loop (CA) from Roads End Unsupported 10h 32m 32s
Mt Washington (OR) ascent from PCT TH Unsupported 2h 6m 25s