FKT: Emily Monahan-Morang - Caribou Mountain - 2023-08-12

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2h 25m 10s
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Started middish morning with only 3-4 cars in the lot when I arrived. August has been really cool for Maine so far with the temps feeling like early September. Mainly overall sunny. Route was overall easy to follow except someone could miss a turn near the top when getting past treeline with exposed rock or with crossing streams; cairns were well placed though. Biggest issue I ran into was with all the rain in the region this summer, least 1/3rd of the trail was slippery/somewhat streamy. Wasn't going to risk it with slippery rocks and roots for most of the route, as I had a sprain earlier in the spring, so I took it easy when crossing streams or when terrain got really muddy. At least 10+ stream crossings, 1 waterfall like water crossing and 1 river like crossing. Brought 1L of water and 1L of Tailwind, with consumption of 1 GU and 2 salt tabs. 

Route with my watch GPS was slightly longer and slightly less elevation gain than listed on FKT website. 

Solo and unsupported.