FKT: Emily Neumeier Arkens - Green Circle Trail (WI) - 2021-08-22

Route variation
main loop
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Total time
4h 21m 32s
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What’s not to love about this route?! You’ve got a little bit of everything. I really enjoyed exploring this trail. You go through pine and hardwood forests, meadows, neighborhoods, over bridges and boardwalks. It’s a mix of open exposed roads or paved bike paths and shady forest soft wide gravel trails. This was a training run for me that I did in the middle of the day and it was hot so, performance wasn’t there but, I think could be a fast one! It’s easy to follow and well marked and pretty flat but winding in most sections with turns through town or through parks so it’s interesting. A few public bathrooms and water fountains. Several trailheads. Saw lots of people mountain biking. Running next to water was lovely and since I ran it East to West I liked that cool sculpture garden in the last mile or so, that was neat to end with. It’s so accessible being right off the highway. I really enjoyed the Culver’s treats I got for myself after the run! It’s only a mile away from that main trailhead I started and ended at. There was some performance happening at the amphitheater and I almost came back to eat there since there are nice bathrooms and seating but, decided to just hit the road. 

*noted: this was unsupported. I parked in the main trailhead. I started and ended in the exact same spot. I assure you I can not magically travel through space and time like the map shows. My mileage shows it correctly but, for whatever reason the picture of the map looks off. I have proof of start and finish with photos for further verification.