Route: Green Circle Trail (WI)

Wisconsin, US
39 km
Vertical Gain
85 m

The Green Circle is a 24-mile scenic hiking and biking trail that loops through the Stevens Point area and connects with over 45 miles of additional trails. It winds through forests and parks, over wetlands, and along rivers, recalling the days of huge pineries, pioneer settlements, and the lore of the Wisconsin and Plover Rivers.

Editors note: There appear to be at least two common variations at the south end of this loop connecting Whiting Well Field with Upper Whiting Park. One route parallels Elm St and the other follows Porter Rd farther south. FKTs on this site use both route, though more recent FKTs appears to be using the Elm St (north) route. Please get familiar with the trail and use the routing of any previous FKT category you are trying to better. If any locals want to weigh in on what the official route should be, please feel do so in the comments. -N. Broom, ed.

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