FKT: Eric Batty, Ryan J. Atkins - Frontenac Provincial Park Perimeter (ON, Canada) - 2012-04-14

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Total time
4h 59m 15s

Frontenac Provincial Park, Sydenham, ON Canada
Date Completed: April 14, 2012
FKT set by: Ryan Atkins and Eric Batty, April 14th, 2012
Previous FKT set by: John McAlister and Derrick Spafford, November 17, 2011
Start/Finish: Park Office, Corridor Trail head
Distance: 51km
Start Time: 9:40 am 
Time: 4:59:15
Direction: Counter-clockwise
Conditions: 16C, mostly dry conditions, a few muddy sections
Elevation change: +2,904 feet gain
Comments/Exceptions: This was the same route as previously described by Derrick Spafford. Full loop.