FKT: Eric Gilbertson - Highest Hundred Peaks (CO) - 2020-07-19

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Between June 16 and July 19, 2020 I climbed all the hundred highest peaks in Colorado - the Centennials - in self-supported style. My time was measured from the summit of the first peak (Pikes peak, 9am June 16) to the summit of the last peak (Mt Meeker, 8am July 19). I rope-soloed the three technical peaks on the list (Dallas, Teakettle, Jagged) and hiked or trail ran the other peaks. In general I drove between trailheads and parked at the 2wd parking areas, and then mountain biked to and from the 4wd trailheads before hiking or trail running to the summits.

My GPS measured a total mileage of 685 miles with 293,000ft gain. My longest day was a 36hr 49-mile, 18kft gain push near the end to climb Capitol, Cathedral, Castle, Mt of the Holy Cross, and Holy Cross Ridge, and my shortest day was the one rest day I took during the first week due to blistered feet. 

In addition to the hundred highest, as part of this effort I also climbed the 5 soft-ranked 14ers and about 20 other bonus peaks on the way. This is likely why my total mileage and gain is higher than Justin Simoni's. 

In the final week of the effort, in order to be efficient in the face of afternoon thunderstorms, I shifted my schedule to sleep on average 2 hours per day, in late afternoon, and climb or drive the remaining 22 hours per day.

Admin Note:  Eric's trip was largely self supported, but since he hiked with a friend for several days this is technically considered pacing, which is support.