Route: Highest Hundred Peaks (CO)

Colorado, US

While hundreds of people have climbed all 58 (ish) Colorado peaks over 14,000', only a few have climbed the highest 100 summits in the state, those over about 13,800'.  The generally-accepted list of "Centennials" below the 14,000' mark is here:  Note that these high 13ers are generally way less traveled then the 14ers, and several of them are more technically demanding than any of the 14ers.

The Highest Hundred were first completed by Spencer Swanger in 1977, a feat accomplished over many years.  Unlike the 14ers, which have records going back decades, there hasn't been a strong push to complete the Centennials as fast as possible until very recently.

Interestingly, the first documented completion of the Highest 100 in a single season was also done completely self-powered by Rob Barlow, who used a bicycle to travel between trailheads.  Barlow completed the challenge on 9/8/2016 in "a little more than 71 days". (  Barlow's trip was done in supported style.  Since several of the generally-accepted 14ers (all points over 14,000' that have been given names by the USGS) lack at least 300' of prominence and are therefore not officially "ranked" peaks, Barlow actually completed 105 summits on his trip.

In 2017, Justin Simoni repeated Barlow's self-powered Highest Hundred but with the added wrinkle of being entirely self-supported.

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