FKT: Eric Hallsten - Pacific Crest Trail through OR (OR) - 2023-08-08

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7d 14h 37m 0s
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I hiked the Oregon PCT northbound and self supported (thruhiker style), carrying all my gear and resupplying along the way at Crater Lake Mazama Village, Big Lake Youth Camp and Olallie Lake Resort. I followed the PCT red line the whole way (instead of popular hiker alternates like Crater Lake and Eagle Creek). I think going forward it makes the most sense for future FKT attempts to do the same. 

I used an InReach Mini to track my hike and I've attached the gpx file from it. The mileage it shows is much lower than my actual distance since it was only pinging every 5-10 minutes. Also it ran out of battery with a mile or two left which is why there's a gap at the very end of the gps track.

Here's a quick recap of my trip and I'll be writing a more detailed one soon.


   Day 1- 58.6 miles

Started at 6am at the CA/OR border. Moved well all day and did a couple extra miles. Got to camp at 10pm.

   Day 2- 59.7

3:30am start. Slower moving than yesterday but feeling ok. Finished at 10:30pm. 

   Day 3- 54.5 (+1.6 for Mazama Village resupply)

3:30am start. Went into Mazama Village in the morning and picked up my first resupply box. Camped at 10:45pm.

   Day 4- 57.5

3:30am start. Thunderstorms and rain in the afternoon. Passed halfway late in the evening. Ended the day at 11:15pm. 

   Day 5-  57.2

3:45am start. Sleep deprivation really began around here so I started taking caffeine. More rain and thunder in the afternoon. I fell behind pace a bit and decided to forgo a couple miles in exchange for more sleep. Ended at 11:15pm. 

   Day 6- 56.2 (+1 for Big Lake resupply)

3:45am start. Resupplied a few hours into the day at Big Lake Youth Camp. Stopped a couple miles short again, mentally giving up on my original "reach goal" of 60 miles per day (7d 14h 48m). Ended at 11:45pm

   Day 7- 56.6 (+0.4 for Olallie Lake resupply). 

3:45am start. Resupplied at Olallie Lake Resort in the morning. After ignoring my feet for the last few days I've developed some enormous blisters that I attempted to treat. Started taking ibuprofen with 100 miles to go. Ended at 11:45pm.

   Day 8- 56.7

3:30am start. I realized my 60mpd goal was still possible so I pushed hard all day and made it with 11 minutes to spare. Ended at 8:37pm.