FKT: Eric Harbeck - Sugar River Recreational Rail Trail (NH) - 2020-08-16

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
2h 14m 39s
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Thought I would put up a time here to hopefully get others interested in this route. The route itself is fairly consistent, really flat but a pleasant flat as it rolls along the shoulder of the river. Plenty of bridges, a few being covered bridges and relatively few road crossings. I actually started at the sign located at the entrance of the parking lot of the eastern terminus as to give it an official start position. The western terminus ends at the Sugar River trail head but appears to go further. As noted in the route description, I guess the trail extends to the center of Claremont but I followed the directions provided on the route, thus turned around at the other trail sign in the parking lot. Felt great for the first 13.5, fatigue started to kick in around then. Tried to carry out an even pace after that but stopped to walk at least once more due to form being disregulated as I fumbled with my water bottle in the pack.

Fully unsupported; I carried 1.5L of water with way more calories than necessary. Drank all but perhaps 250 mL. Perfect temps, humidity was a little high but overall great weather and a glorious sunshine throughout. Pictures on the Strava post.