FKT: Eric Lee - Colorado Fourteeners (CO) - 2020-09-19

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21h 50m 0s

Supported run of 11 different 14,000ft peaks in 21h50min, using a car to travel between the mountains. Using the 3000ft rule, meaning that I climbed/descended at least 3000ft for each peak/set of peaks and did NOT receive any aid within 3000ft of any summit.

Started at 11,100ft on the Mt Evans Rd at 6:11am on 9/18/20. Ran the Mt Evans Rd to the NE face and up to the summit, then proceeded across the Sawtooth to Mt Bierstadt and back down to 11,000ft on the Guanella Pass Rd where my friend picked me up. Drove over to the Stevens Gulch TH and ran up Torreys Peak, over to Grays Peak and back down to the TH. Drove over to Blue Lakes Rd and parked at 11,200ft and ran up the road and climbed Cristo Couloir to the summit of Quandary Peak. Next drove over to Kite Lake Rd and parked at 11,100ft just after the Paris Mill and ran the Decalibron (Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross) as the night fell. Mt Cameron was not counted in the official total as it does not classify as an official 14er. Then I was driven over to the Missouri Gulch TH, starting at 9:55pm headed up Belford, traversed over to Oxford and then dropped from Elkhead Pass to the south side of Missouri Mt, climbing the Iowa Saddle to the summit of Missouri. Ran down the West Ridge of Missouri to Clohesy Lake where I stopped the clock at 4:01am on 9/19/20, for a total time of 21h50min (don't know the seconds). I'll include splits once I extract them from all the data I have and I have additional videos that can be shared as proof.