FKT: Eric Lee - Uncompahgre & Wetterhorn (CO) - 2013-06-27

Gender category
Route variation
Finish date
Total time
5h 32m 46s

As I can't find a record of this anywhere online I'm posting it here, more as a place holder as I think a lot of time can be taken off my round trip (I took a few breaks and the more elite guys can lower it).

I ran Uncompahgre first following the trail the whole way and Wetterhorn second from the bottom of the Matterhorn Creek road (I didn't start at the 4wd TH due to clearance). It took me 5h32min46sec round trip splits below.

Bottom of the Matterhorn Creek road 0:00:00
Actual Matterhorn Creek TH 0:11:00 (approx)
Matterhorn Saddle 1:08:00
Summit of Uncompahgre 2:27:00
Matterhorn Saddle 3:28:00
Wetterhorn Summit 4:35:00
Actual Matterhorn Creek TH 5:27:00 (approx)
Bottom of the Matterhorn Creek road 5:32:46

For now I'll claim the FKT though have a feeling someone has done it faster, just with no published time. I can provide SPOT waypoints for anyone interested.

Eric Lee