FKT: Eric Senseman, Tim Freriks, Jim Walmsley - Grand Canyon R2R2R-alt (AZ) - 2018-12-10

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Total time
12h 20m 54s


Freriks commented:  "Probably the best experience I’ve ever had in any of the national parks. Swam the Colorado twice, bushwhacking and route finding. Remote and wild. Awesome.  Jamil Coury took photo and video on the south side of the canyon, and Chris Thornley met us at the river to be our cheerleader. We carried all of our own gear and nutrition the entire time, with larger fastpacks down the South Bass with our wetsuits and dry bags inside, and then cached gear on the north side of the river while we headed up North Bass with lighter running vests. We carried water filtration devices to filter our own water and each had 3-4000 calories that we carried for the day."

Walmsley put several photos on Strava.

Senseman's trip report:

Note:  Time to the N Rim was 6h11m, return in 6h09m.

Further note:  During the run, the trio received some navigational pointers from Jamil Coury and Craig Thornley, and Jamil ran some of the way with them on the south side to film (=pacing).  Therefore, the run is considered "supported".  This is a committing run in a remote area, and having other people around is really a form of support.


R2R2R-alt, Senseman, Freriks & Walmsley