FKT: Eric Strand - Katy Trail (MO) - 2020-05-25

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3d 14h 6m 0s
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Started Fri, May 22, 4:00 AM in Clinton MO at the very, very start of the trail.
Finished Mon, May 25, 6:06 PM at the Machens MO trailhead at the very, very end of the trail.
Suunto Ambit Peak3 - recharged enroute, but memory only recorded the first 150 miles. Watch continued to show mileage on display despite memory being totally used up. My mistake, I had it set on the highest setting. No idea memory was so limited. But, given this was my first time over 115 miles at one shot, there were bound to be lessons learned.
Slept a total of 8.5 hours . . . breaks at Hartsburg, Rhineland and Dutzow.
Crew Boss - Tami Strand
Overnight Pacers - Dan Turpin (Fri/Sat) and Frank Evans (Sat/Sun)
Other Pacers - Paul Forman, Ron Golan and Meredith Streubing
Ran the race to raise $$ for the Helping Hospitality emergency grant aid program of The Above and Beyond Foundation to support hospitality workers furloughed or laid off due to the pandemic. Raised over $40,000!
Google Map link was live for remote tracking as this was a very public event for a charitable cause.
This is a beautiful, flat easy running trail. But 245 miles is a long ways to go. Tougher than expected, but I don't think I managed my sleep as well as I should have.
Mileage for the trail is billed as 237 miles but my watch tracked 245.1 miles. In part due to two detours that required finding an alternate and longer route on the highways. First was between New Franklin and Rocheport dud to a trail bridge being washed out. The second was early Sunday morning, again due to some sort of washout.