FKT: Eric Strong - Lake Sunapee Circumnavigation (NH) - 2020-08-16

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 21m 43s

Great route, thanks for creating this Daniel. This route has a little bit of everything: trails (with plenty of roots and rocks), gravel road, paved road, and a mountain thrown in. I lucked out with a cool overcast day which helped this run to not become a sufferfest for me. I was happy and pleasantly surprised with my pacing and energy levels. I am not always the best at taking in calories but I was able to consistently get about 300 an hour which really helped. I stashed water and food by the Newbury library, just a little before halfway. I like that most of the technical trail and vert are in the first half. I was hoping that I had enough energy to get a rhythm on the roads in the second half and was thankful for the smooth downhill that helped with that. All in all I'm happy with the run and I hope more people give this a go!