FKT: Erik Syrstad - Utah Triple Crown (UT) - 2020-08-02

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Total time
7h 40m 37s
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On Aug. 2, 2020, I ran the Triple Crown in 7:40:37.  I took a similar route as previously reported, with an out-and-back to Gilbert via the northernmost of the twin chutes that lie at the base of Gilbert's SW face.  A very fun day in the mountains.

Although I initially believed this to be a new FKT by ~45 minutes, I later discovered that Dan Gardiner ran 7:24 in 2016.  He didn't report this effort as an FKT as he thought his route deviated too much from previous attempts.  My assumption is that this is an open route, and therefore I think Dan has the real FKT.  See my comment on this page for more details.  I will submit Dan's run as well, and let the jury decide.