Route: Utah Triple Crown (UT)

Utah, US
31 mi
Vertical Gain
7,700 ft

Craig Lloyd posted this challenge in the Uinta Mountains:

The Utah Triple Crown was first coined in 2001 when I did a one day ascent of all three of Utah's tallest peaks in a day, starting from an advanced base camp at Dollar Lake. The three peaks are King's Peak, South King's, and Gilbert Peak; in that order. The trip was covered by a local paper and over time has received a bit of attention by local peakbaggers. I never considered what I did a FA and I know of at least two other people who have come forward and said they had done it before me.

In 2008 I was again in the Uinta's hiking King's Peak in a day and checked the trail registry at the bottom to see how many other people had done it in a day that year. I was shocked to see that Davy Crockett had made an attempt at the Triple Crown, car to car. As far as I know his was the first round trip done car to car in a time of 14:34:59 (about 37 miles). His report can be read at

I have heard of one other person doing this and it was accomplished in under 14 hours.



GPS Track


I ran the Triple Crown on 2020-08-02 in 7:40:37 (solo / unsupported), and briefly believed this to be the new FKT.  However, after a Strava deep dive I discovered Dan Gardiner completed the TC in 7:24:53 on 2016-08-03.  Dan did not report this at the time as he thought his route (which ascended the chute directly to Kings, and tagged Gilbert last instead of first) deviated too much from the intended / established track.  However, I fully believe Dan has the legitimate FKT, as his is one of many variations I've seen - it seems almost nobody takes the same exact route, and Gilbert in particular has a number of distinct approach and descent options.  I think Dan might have found the most efficient route of all and that's part of the game, right?

So the question for Craig - is the Triple Crown an 'open' route, with the only constraint being to summit all three peaks, in any order?  That was my assumption...

Regardless, I had a super enjoyable day in the mountains.  Thanks to Craig, Davy, and others who helped put this adventure on the map!

My Strava post:

Dan's Strava post: