FKT: Erin Ton - Boulder Skyline Traverse (CO) - 2023-05-22

Route variation
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Start date
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Total time
8h 58m 38s

Women's Self-Supported 2x Boulder Skyline Traverse FKT.

Started out a little after 7am. In hindsight, I should have probably started a little earlier to avoid some of the afternoon heat. However, prior to the start I drove up the Flagstaff road to one of the trail crossings and left a cache with extra water and nutrition. Then, I drove to the South Mesa trailhead. Made it to the summit of South Boulder in a little over an hour, to Green in a little over 2 hours, and finished the first skyline lap in 3:55. I had to find a balance between maintaining a speedy pace and not burning out for my second lap. Based on previous long efforts of mine, I knew that I would likely be more sore and therefore slower for the second half of the effort, so it was a mental relief to have cushion time. The heat kicked in during my second climb up Sanitas. The 73 degree temperatures combined with the smoke from Canadian wildfires made for non-ideal conditions. Made it back to the summit of South Boulder in a little over 8 hours. As I was descending down Shadow Canyon, I felt very nauseous, which slowed my normal descent time. I was unsure if I would even break the 9 hour mark based on how I was feeling, but once I realized it was within reach I sprinted the very final stretch down to South Mesa trailhead. Felt good to break both the women's unsupported and supported records. Wish I had stayed on top of nutrition better throughout the day- I was only able to eat 3 Spring Energy Gels, 1 Honeystinger waffle, and liquid calories.