FKT: Erin Ton, Jason Hardrath, Chris Fisher - Baptist Draw - Chute Canyon Loop (UT) - 2022-11-26

Route variation
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 3m 35s
GPS track(s)

Baptist Draw mixed-gender team FKT with Jason, Chris, and Erin. Unsupported- no food/ water needed. Started a little before 1pm. Ashly was not feeling her best so she decided to stay at the van until we returned. Clouds looked a little ominous but the forecast said no precipitation so we decided to continue into the slot canyon. Was easy to find the entrance with a couple of cairns and following the gpx file. There were two spots towards the beginning where Chris/ Erin rappelled. Jason rappelled down the mandatory spot and managed to downclimb the second. Some water/ice in the canyon. Erin slipped in one spot and was wet for the remainder of the effort. The most narrow/ technical part of the canyon is at the beginning. From there, it becomes very easy to pick up the pace. Had a slightly difficult time locating the correct spot to exit the canyon and connect it back to the start. Could have shaved off a little time had it not been for this. All in all, a fun canyoneering effort and worth a stop even at a casual pace.