FKT: Ethan Kimes - Trans-Texas (TX) - 2024-01-20

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Any route
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34d 12h 16m 18s
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My name is Ethan Kimes; when writing this, I am a Cadet at Texas A&M University. Over our most recent winter break from school, I had the opportunity to go out and travel across the State of Texas. Beginning in El Paso and finishing in Texarkana, this ruck/run/pushing of a shopping cart took over 34 1/2 days. I explored the state and learned about myself and the challenges that others face.

My days were mixed in the distance. Some would be 25 miles, and others would be 50+ miles; starting the first few days, I planned to have no water resupply until the town of Orla. Luckily, a few drivers gave water, sweet tea, and some food (Thank you, Mr. Tony). Sleeping would either be in my sleeping bag and bivy, at a gas station table, at a hotel, or for the last night in a post office. The weather was mixed. There were many beautiful days, there were thunderstorms that brought hail, and towards the end, there was a winter storm that brought temps well below freezing.

Along the trip, I learned more about myself; there is not enough time and space to explain what goes on in your head through a journey like this, but the benefit of pushing yourself to its breaking point is priceless.

I want to end by saying thank you. Thank you to my family: Mom, Dad, Nan, Mamo, Bethany, Dave, Stev, and my brother Chase. My mentor LTC (R) Joseph Kelly. Chase and Casey Hammond and the rest of my ultra-running family. Kenneth Anderlitch and Don Muchow for their support and guidance. To those who gave me a bottle of water, tea, or food or would stop and ask and listen to my speech about veteran suicide and firefighter cancer awareness, thank you. This trip would not have been possible without the support of my friends and colleagues, and if I were to list everyone who has played a role, this trip report would go on forever. Even though this is a self-supported race, we know that in the build-up and after the race, there is a network of people there to help you. To them, I say thank you.

I am honored to be the first known person to complete this FKT in the self-supported category. My only advice is don't go during the winter!