FKT: Fernanda Maciel - Mount Vinson - 2022-12-24

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9h 41m 38s
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I did the Mount Vinson speed climbing on the 24th December/2022 in one go as fast as possible. It took me from Mount Vinson Base Camp to the SUMMIT: 6h40min. And from Summit to Base Camp: 3h01min. Ascent: 6h40min and Ascent/Descent: 9h41min. It is the highest mountain of Antarctica. It has 4.892m, 16,050ft. I started the route carrying all my food, water and part of my gears at the Vinson base camp at 6,900ft (2.100m). The first part of the route goes in the direction of the Low Camp at 9,000ft (2.750m) after 9km and +650m D+. After the Low Camp, the route follows a very long and steep section of 1,200m fixed ropes and 45 degrees slopes to the High Camp. I left my boots, big jacket, mitt gloves, goggles and ascender on the Low Camp to change before to go up in this long fixed rope section. The third part of the route goes to the High Camp at 12,400ft (3,770m). Then, it goes to the summit, 7km of uphill and +1,120m D+, 40 degrees long slope. The final part is a rocky and exposed ridge, but a very short one. The summit was very cold and windy, the temperature around -35C and -40C degrees. When I arrived in the high Camp a ranger gave me warm water and ruffles. I had to follow the environmental and activities rules of Antarctica, then I had to be roped up with the local mountain guide Sam Hennessey to be able to summit. It was great, because he was fast enough to follow me. It is the first time a runner try do summit Mount Vinson running. I felt strong on the way up/down and luck with the weather condition. It was crazy cold -35C degrees what gave to my body a shock and low energy but it was possible to push hard after my last experience in Manaslu.