Route: Mount Vinson (Antarctica)

Submitted by Fernanda Maciel on Sat, 12/31/2022 - 01:58pm
35 km
Vertical Gain
3,050 m

The Mount Vinson is the highest mountain of Antarctica. It has 4.892m, 16,050ft. The route started at the Vinson base camp at 6,900ft (2.100m) located in Branscomb Glacier. The first part of the route goes in the direction of the Low Camp at 9,000ft (2.750m) after 9km and +650m D+. After the Low Camp, the route follows a very long and steep section of 1,200m fixed ropes and 45 degrees slopes to the High Camp. This part has some rocky and blue ice around. The third part of the route goes to the High Camp at 12,400ft (3,770m). Then, it goes to the summit, 7km of uphill and +1,120m D+, 40 degrees long slope. The final part is a rocky and exposed ridge, but very short one. The summit is a very cold and windy one, with temperature around -40 to -50 degrees. 

GPS Track