FKT: Fredrik Steinmann, Daniel Håkansson - Kullaleden 71K (Sweden) - 2021-05-01

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7h 58m 0s

We ran Kullaleden together, starting from Utvälinge at 08:45 and reaching the center of Helsingborg 7 hours and 58 minutes later. It was a great day for running.

First 21K is fairly easy running with nice trails and no wind. In Arild we refilled water from the public tap in the harbor. 

Then we entered Kullaberg and approx 900 altitude meters in and 14K. The speed slowed downed a bit and we refilled water from the public tap near the Lighthouse.

Reaching Mölle halfway and with 35 K to go we faced a massive head wind for the next 30 K. Last 5 K from Sofiero Castle to the finish was less windy and we felt strong all the way to the last step.