FKT: Gabrielle Kotanidis - Tasmanian Trail (TAS, Australia) - 2021-09-12

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14d 23h 57m 0s

Route captured using PolarSteps and evidenced by Metadata from submitted pictures. (Jason Trimmer ).

I hiked the Tasmanian Train during a short university break. I had three weeks off and hoped to be the youngest person to hike it solo at 17 years old. Once I started I realised I could go a lot faster than I'd previously thought. Then I found out that nobody had set a FKT for female, self-supported. So I decided to give it a go and increased the distances I hiked per day. Resupplying was fairly easy, with small towns with general stores along the way. Water was even easier as it kept raining. Trying to keep my gear dry was the biggest issue. I would not recommend doing the trail during the end of winter/start of spring as I did. Too cold and wet.