FKT: Gareth Grey - Raven Walk (United Kingdom) - 2023-01-08

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2h 0m 34s
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Being born and brought up in Risca where the three peaks of Twmbarlwm, Machen and Mynyddislwyn where my play grounds it only seemed natural to have a stab at a FKT of the Ravens Walk.

The route itself is really enjoyable with some short sharp climbs which really get you into the red. These are followed by fast technical decent's which require 100% concentration. The terrain is mixed with loose, rocky decent's to over grown climbs where the defiant winter brambles do their best to draw blood. 

I recced this route a few times mainly to see if the whole route is passable which it is.

I had a mixed bag of weather for the time of year which consisted of higher than average temperatures for January coupled with 'bone drenching" down poor's, but skins water proof right?

This is a great route one that really showcase the recently re-developed Cwmcarn Forrest Drive. 

It's also a great route for anyone who's boarded with running on roads and who is thinking of dipping their toe into the world of Trail/Fell running.