FKT: Gavin King - Sandlings Walk (UK) - 2021-04-03

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
11h 50m 52s
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I started out in Ipswich, the start of the Sandlings walk. I'd packed enough water (3 litres) and food samosas, crisps and flapjacks based on what I normally consume over a 20k. I also carried active root pouches and gel mix to add to my water. The first marathon distance went relatively smoothly, I reached Snape maltings (approximately half way) in about 5 hours.. this area is definitely the land of the pigs with field after field full of pigs and piglets. Around this time I got some knee pain which gradually got worse really slowing my running but I pushed on regardless. Reaching Sizewell power station feels like a big milestone to reach knowing that the majority of the path left is picturesque. The wind was against me for the whole stretch on the beach, one lady said "at least it will be easier on your way back", if only she knew. Coming off Sizewell beach was a blessing, it was great to get out of the wind and back into the shelter of the trees.  It wasn't long until I was at Minsmere reserve and quickly into Dunwich and the impressive ruins of the priory there. Dunwich heath has some beautiful paths to run through and makes a change from the typical landscape of trails in woods or fields.

The village of Dunwich was really picturesque and even though there were some road sections which were hard on the knee I was distracted by all of the cottages.

It was great to get closer to Southwold and start to see the landmarks appear, the church, water tower and the lighthouse. Getting through the harbour and onto the promenade was a great feeling and even though I was back into the head wind it was only this last stretch with the pier (end point) in sight. 

I completed the run solo, carrying all my supplies with me. It felt like a great acheivement and knocked 40 minutes off my previous time.