FKT: George Foster - Luna Peak (WA) - 2020-09-29

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16h 15m 31s

Listened to the FKTpod with Eric Gilbertson, and figured he'd have some good Cascade route fkts for a Coloradoan lost up here!

Compelled by the awful stories from climber friends over the years of the picket range, the apparent ability to pull one off on a day and do the horrendous plant fighting without a pack sealed it.

Truly astounding terrain and a magic experience of a really out there range. Cascade third class with mega exposure almost turned me around within sight of the summit.  

Operating on the fact that Eric is "just a hiker" and misremembering the previous FKT by a few hours, almost missed it and would've had a few less casual mountain staring stops!  Figured running the 30 something miles of trail would add a big buffer, but that guy is fast!

Grateful that it was shown to me and for the site providing access to such sweet routes.