Route: Luna Peak (WA)

Washington, US

Sean O'Rourke posted:

Luna (8311') is an outlier in the Pickets, lying east of the main spine leading from the MacMillan Spires to Whatcom, and requiring no glacier travel and no more than a bit of third class scrambling near the top. However, the approach makes it a tough outing: after 17.5 miles of well-maintained trail, there is a fairly brutal bushwhack up "Access Creek" (assuming you can even find it...). Those familiar with the pleasant Pickets approaches via Goodell Creek, Easy Ridge, and Whatcom Pass will be dismayed by the fields of devil's club and complete lack of a use trail. I hesitated to put this up, but since Luna does not require much technical skill, this record should be beatable by many trail runners. Plus, it has one of the best views in the Cascades

48.8306832, -121.2731849



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Im going to attempt an unsupported, solo, sub 16 hour car to car of Luna Peak on Sunday, July 11th, wish me luck!