FKT: Glenn Tremml - Florida Trail (FL) - 2017-03-15

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Standard route
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Total time
28d 7h 58m 0s

I have NOT set any Record. Comment: "Tatu" Joe Kisner's record seems to be 29 days 3 hours, not 30, based upon his own bog (link in previous post) and assuming he added an hour due to the change from EST to CST. I was planning an official attempt at the FKT when by pure chance I ran into Phil "Concrete" Phelan on a practice hike at Big Cypress. When I learned he completed the trail in 26 days 10 hours I knew, having trained since August, I had no chance at 26 days. I also had not known, until then, the "Jupiter" James Hoher completed the trail in 28 days 10 hours the week before Phil's hike.

I did complete the FL Trail UNOFFICIALLY, since I felt I had no chance at Phil's new official FKT, from February 15, 07:00 EST to March 15, 14:58 CDT, which is 28 days, 7 hours, 58 minutes. I did have 3 pre hike drops, 2 mail drops and on 3 occasions had rides to and from points on the trail, so my hike was nearly, but NOT unsupported. My unofficial time seems to be currently the second fastest and the fastest for anyone over the age of 55 (being 57), if there is such a category (joke, which there is not). I had unusually dry trail conditions, excellent health throughout, and essentially no delays ever. I picked up a full day gradually over my planned 29.3 days by being able to cover more miles on "road days" than I anticipated.

Congratulations to Phil "Concrete" Phelan for the FL Trail FKT. Congratulations to "Jupiterhikes" for also officially setting an official FL Trail FKT earlier this year while on a more impressive Quebec to Key West hike, and congratulations to "Tatu" Joe Kisner for setting the standard these past years.