Route: Florida Trail (FL)

Florida, US
1,100 mi
Vertical Gain
10,000 ft

The Florida Trail is a 1300-mile National Scenic Trail crossing the state.  The Florida National Scenic Trail is a congressionally designated National Scenic Trail. The USDA Forest Service is the administrator of the Florida Trail, charged with planning routes, overseeing development and establishing partnerships to complete the trail.  The trail is approximately 1,300-miles long and is intended to offer a continuous, permanent non-motorized recreation opportunity for hiking and other compatible activities. Over its length, it showcases the incredible biodiversity, history, and rich culture of Florida. Its termini lie in Gulf Islands National Seashore to the North and Big Cypress National Preserve in the South.

This trail has seen mainly thru-hiker style (self supported) FKT activity.

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Hi there all, 

My name is Antonio Sierra, and I am announcing my intentions to go after the Fastest known time for the Florida Trail in Self Supported Fashion beginning the morning of Thursday, January 3rd, 2019. I will be following the guidelines as lied out on the website for self-supported trips. Huge thanks to Dan and those that have raised the bar to this impressive feat for myself and others to pursue, and for the help that he has freely given to me in preparing for this trip. I will be placing the link to my Spot tracker below as well as in my instagram bio, @antoniosierra22. Here goes nothing!…

I am announcing my intention to go for Self Supported FKT on Florida Trail beginning tomorrow morning (2/13).  I will follow the self supported guidelines and established culture on Florida Trail FKT.  I have not used caches but will send mail drops. I will not accept food, pacing, rides, or gear from strangers or people known to me. I will take the Moore Haven and Clewiston area re routes as Army Engineers are doing construction and turning hikers back. I will plan to cross the Econ River (whether on bridge or fording). I will stay on trail north of Lake Butler and not take the paralleling road. As for flooded trail further north such as Aucilla, I will pray conditions are passable by my arrival. I have made every effort possible to reach Eglin AFB at a time when passage is possible.  I am aware that Dan Munsell did not take any reroutes but it is my intention to raise notoriety of the FT and can not see doing so if I am violating rules and laws (no offense to Dan personally). 

My garmin link is attached below and will ping hourly. I can be followed on Instagram @arashalbekord

Amy Ansbaugh here!  I’m starting a supported attempt to run/hike the Florida Trail.  Starting in Big Cypress Dec. 28 2021

Shayna Kott

Self-Supported start Jan 11th Oasis northbound

I am choosing west around Lake Okeechobee - roadwalking around the current closed section due to construction - and east around Orlando. Considering the previously mentioned detour and other current trail reroutes, my route should only add 4 miles to the traditional 1,108 mile track. 

Thanks and oo-de-lally

Hi friends, 


My name is Vincent Gasso, and I am announcing my intentions to establish the Fastest Known Time for the Florida Trail (via Western Corridor) in Self-Supported Fashion beginning the morning of Sunday, January 1st, 2023. I will be following the guidelines as listed on the website for self-supported trips. 


I will be placing the link to my Garmin tracker below as well as in my instagram bio, @vinnywinning


Happy new year :)

DNF - but man did I get closer! Reached Lake O by day 3, I’m sure I can improve by next year :) 

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Sjors van Eijsen

I will attempt a Self-Supported northebound thru hike starting Jan 1th Oasis visitor center 

I am going east around Orlando 


You can track me on my inreach 


you can follow me on instagram 

@ Dutch tin man


Might as well give it a shot. 

Congratulations to Run Bum and Splash for setting an incredible time on this trail. Thank you Run Bum for the races you and your volunteer put on, especially the Forgotten Florida 100 that I had the privilege and enjoyment of running/hobbling in 2022. And to SPLASH for being an amazing friend, Piggy Gurl, and Rippity Skippity’din gosh darn hard hiker. 
A million thank you’s to everyone who was part of my 2020 FT Thru hike, Dean Bennett with Direct Action Athletics, Hope Westall with Alt Route Meals, Edward Shitterhands, and Brooks shoes. 

Daniel Munsell, with luck I’ll beat your time. With a miracle I’ll beat Run Bum’s. 

Florida Trail, I’ve got a 21 day date with you starting Friday at noon. Don’t be late.

- Wild Turkey



I came in with a DNF by day four. My body kept bonking and by the fourth day it took nine hours to do a twenty mile road walk to the top of Lake Okeechobee. My legs felt heavy and I didn’t have much of an appetite. I believe my body still needs time to recover from the Ice Age Trail FKT. 
Thank you to all the trail angels, hikers, and friends I made over these few days who made this experience incredible. 
Thank you to Hope Westall with Alt Route Meals providing light, clean, nutrition.
Thank you to Dean Bennett with Direct Action Athletics who without his training my body would still be a wreck. 


Wild Turkey OUT!