FKT: Greg Horvath - Crater Lake Circumnavigation with 7 High Points (OR) - 2019-06-24

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
8h 30m 24s

Beautiful and challenging day! Wow, what a place. Pretty cool route that I got inspired by while putzing around the FKT website. Unique in that it is mostly either off trail or on road. Road was closed though still due to snow so I had most of the lake to myself! The entire road is super runnable though I was bummed to experience not by me this time around. Started cramping around mile 12 and walking the ups quickly became critical from a safety and pain perspective. Almost bailed at mile 24 but with some words of encouragement from mom and a 20 minute rest, I was able to finish. Highly recommended route, especially in spring as the road is closed, there is lots of snow and wonderful foot skiing, and some streams and lots of snow to fill water bottles - which was helpful for the unsupported effort. 8:30:24 on the final time. Can’t wait to run it again! 


Congrats, Greg, nice circ!