FKT: Greg Nance - Alamo to Austin (TX) - 2022-03-05

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15h 8m 33s

Began Friday 11:30pm at The Alamo in San Antonio and ran north along I-35 service roads thru the night. Felt strong at first light and was comfortably on pace at the 50 but began feeling light-headed. Soon couldn’t get water or electrolytes down without waves of nausea. Appetite and energy crashed to zero and stride powered down as caloric deficit hit ??

I’d burn 11,000+ cals on my way to Austin but had only gotten 2,800 down the hatch. With no hope of bridging the gap — and without a support crew or pacer — knew I had to keep my mind right for any chance at finishing. Kept visualizing an easy, relaxed stride (while ignoring my left leg which kept catching gravel). When it felt overwhelming I’d take deep breaths and refocus on lifting my foot for the step ahead.

Slowly, very slowly, reeled in Texas’ capitol building. Sweetest feeling to climb those steps and touch the statehouse to stop the clock. Felt like I had escaped Hunger Games. Collapsed on the steps with a spinning head and chap-lipped smile. (only damage = chafed shoulders, sore back, and a mondo blister on big toe after dragging my left foot last 30 miles after bonking)

I’ll have lots of looong rough ones during the Run Across America so efforts like Alamo-to-Austin count double. Big confidence boost that I can hang on and power thru even when times get very tough. It’s always about the next step and relentless forward motion ??

Good reminder that every one of us has more in the tank than we realize… Texas-sized challenges compel us to step up and dig deeper than we knew we could, revealing a stronger version of ourself ??


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Congrats Greg, way to get it done!