Route: Alamo to Austin (TX)

Texas, US

Marcy Beard posted the idea:

Hello!  I'm planning a long run starting tonight from the Alamo in San Antonio to the Capitol building in Austin.  It will be self-supported, using stores/restaurants along the way.  My route will for the most part follow I-35 or parallel to it.  Remains to be seen just how challenging it will be to run along the access road.

I would think anyone in future would be free to set their own route, as long as it starts at the front of the Alamo and finishes on the Capitol steps.  Here's the route I'm planning to try, at about 78 miles:

Google Maps

Ride with GPS

I have a Spot tracker (on loan) with the following tracker link:

This is my first significant adventure "on the road" so we'll see how it goes!

Update on 4/11: The train from Austin to San Antonio isn't running tonight (likely due to flooding in San Marcos), so instead of waiting into the night for a bus to the start I'm bumping this to tomorrow, same place, same time.  Probably best to wait a day for any high water to drop anyway.

Update on 4/12: I'm taking the Megabus to San Antonio instead of the train (not sure if the tracks are fixed yet from the flooding), planning to start trekking by 5 pm today from Alamo.  Spot tracking should be live at that point.

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