FKT: Gregory Soutiea, Charles Dona, Chad Hornbaker, Jake Dissinger - Midstate Trail (MA) - 2016-03-13

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23h 43m 43s

Last weekend (March 12-13, 2016) a group of runners set out around 7:30 am on Saturday morning to complete a supported North to South MidState Trail traverse from the NH Border to RI Border. Gregory Soutiea, Charles (Chad) Hornbaker, and Jake Dissinger completed the approximately 93 mile through run in 23 hours 43 minutes according to our official watch times. We were supported by an amazing group including Amy Rusiecki (who ran the first 60 miles and then crewed overnight), Dan Dissinger, Pam Dissinger, Stephanie Robinson, and Billy Hafferty. Below are links to Greg and Chad's Strava data. I have also included a photo album [link broken] below which includes time stamped photos from each end of the trail although it is important to note that due to Day Light Savings the clock on my iphone camera automatically went forward by an hour overnight during the run. This means the photo taken at the end on 3/13/16  is actually showing a time stamp that is an hour ahead from the actual running watch times. We will follow up with written trip reports and other links once we have those available.