FKT: Griffin Briley, Chris Fisher - Middle and South Tetons - 2023-08-14

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Total time
4h 3m 49s

Griffin, Boomer and I set out for this FKT together as a team. They had both been up the Middle and South but I hadn't so I figured it would be a fun romp on some new mountains for me. Boomer set the pace for the first 4.5-5miles to the meadows and almost dropped me completely. Man, I haven't been running trails much this year! Mostly just been climbing peaks and linking up big lines, etc. Boomer cut his finger on a rock in the boulder field on the way up the Middle. We all summited in 2hours11mins (ish) and on the way back to the saddle Boomer started falling a little behind so Griff and I took off for the South. Because Boomer dropped this turned from unsupported to supported. Griff and I made it down to the trail head after 4hours3mins, couldve broken the 4 hour mark had we pushed a little harder on the last trail mile. But, we were pretty content with the effort regardless. Awesome day running some big mountains with the youngins!

Griffins first FKT! Woop!