FKT: Harry Reynolds - Surrey 3 Peaks (United Kingdom) - 2021-02-13

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2h 47m 20s
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Lovely (but very chilly) day on the trails. Parked at stepping stones and went to reccy the stones to see if they were runnable. Just. But I decided to leave Box Hill until last to minimise the running time in wet shoes. Set off nice and early, and mostly followed the Greensand Way to Leith Hill. Ground was completely frozen solid, so slightly regretted my luggy shoe choice. Quick gel and then over to Hill #2. A sign on the ascent said the path was closed due to a dangerous tree, but two walkers told me it was safe so I pushed on. Ran hard on some good downhills back towards Dorking. Legs were tiring on the way past my car, but I resisted the urge to stop, splashed across the stones, crawled up Box Hill, stumbled down again, splashed back across and sprinted to the car. Very happy with both my route choice and time, but don't leave Box till the end!!!