FKT: Heather Anderson - AT through Shenandoah National Park (VA) - 2023-05-26

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1d 11h 8m 5s
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This felt a bit more hard-earned than the PA FKT. Probably because I wasn't 100% recovered. But I'm really proud of pulling off two very challenging and different FKTs within 3 weeks.

Got extremely heatsick from Thornton Gap to Elkwallow, but I finally got cold water and forced myself to run the rest of the way despite my quads being thrashed.


I saw a bobcat (5 feet away)

Drank maggot water (always check the pipe before deciding whether to filter a spring, kids)

Met a guy dragging a garbage bag of God knows what down the trail at midnight. (My fastest mile split)

Had an altercation with a bear over who had the right of way on the trail. (I won)

I followed the unsupported rules laid out on this site including carrying everything start to finish.