FKT: Helen Mino Faukner - Mt Whitney (CA) - 2022-07-24

Route variation
Whitney Trail ascent
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2h 46m 53s
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I started from Whitney Portal at 5:37am once it was light enough to run without a headlamp and be worried about tripping. I was surprised at how runnable the trail was for most of the ascent. I carried all of my calories and 74oz of water with a filter. It was cool enough at the start I didn't drink very much. I felt really good running up. The altitude definitely slowed me down, but I didn't have any other issues. Such a beautiful and fun route!! I made it to the top around 8:24am! I had absolutely perfect weather and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Most importantly I had so much fun and couldn't stop smiling the whole way up!