FKT: Helen Mino Faukner - San Jacinto Peak (CA) - 2024-01-30

Route variation
Cactus to Clouds (C2C2C)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 54m 5s
GPS track(s)

I started from the museum at 6:38am on 1/30/24. Once the sun started hitting me a few miles in it felt pretty hot until I got above 6,000ft. The last two miles before the tram were very icy and slow moving. I made it to the ranger station after 3:24:30 from starting. I filled water here and filled out a wilderness permit. I came up here the day before and ran the top section so I knew how snowy it would be. The entire trail from the tram to the summit was snow. I made it to the summit in 4:43:05. I made it back down to the ranger station at 5:34:30 and refilled water again. The temperature up high was really nice. The descent on those two miles below the tram were icy and a lot scarier going down than up. The last few miles were really hot since I'm used to winter in Truckee. I made it back to the museum at 7:54:05. I was planning on doing this route on 2/3/24 so I would have more time to run on the route beforehand but I had to take advantage of the weather window I was given. The forecast predicted 11-14 inches of new snow at the top on Thursday/Friday. I had a really fun beautiful long day! Getting to run through so many different ecosystems was a really cool experience.