FKT: Herman Desmet - MTB route Seppe Odeyn - 2022-08-20

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Total time
6h 1m 47s

Started out at the Bart Swings Sportcenter at 8:16am and maintained a pace of 6 min/km (10 km/h) for the first 40 km. The beginning of the route has some minor climbs, but after 20 km it gets more flat. After km 40 I started to get some tired legs, and walked a little bit every now and then, but just for eating and drinking. There are some climbs in the last 10 km, but the last km is downhill and flat, so you can run all out!  I finished in a total time of 6 h 01 (5 h 53 moving time according to Strava) at 2:17 pm.

It was a hot day (25°C), but I managed to do an unsupported run, carrying all drinks and food in my backpack. I ran out of water in the last 2 km, so I had no margin. If you want to run it supported or self-supported: there are many houses where you can ask water, or even some pubs/restaurants/supermarkets in the towns you pass (Herent, Winksele, ...).

Don't forget to put the GPX file on your watch, because every now and then I missed a sign because the plants have grown too much.

In my backpack: 2 L of water in a camelback with Etixx Hydro Tabs (salt), 2x 500 ml flasks with water+isotonic Isostar powder. I ate 4 normal energy gels, a granny bar and 1 pack of BN chocolate smiley cookies.

Lovely bar at the finish with drinks and food!