Route: MTB route Seppe Odeyn

Submitted by Robrecht Paesen on Thu, 04/14/2022 - 09:29am
58 km
Vertical Gain
353 m

Some MTB routes are also available for other recreational purposes and pose a significant challenge for running, given there is space on the path for other than MTBs (narrow single trails do not) and there is great variation along the path. One such example is the full (combined) Seppe Odyen trail.

The route originally is a mountain bike route of 57 km named after 2 time Duatlon world champion Seppe Odeyn. 
The route takes you to the most beautiful places of Herent municipality passing Mollekesveld - Mollekesberg - Herent flatlands - Vaart - Bertembos - ... 

The route is marked with arrows starting at the sport centre of Olympic ice skating champion Bart Swings.