FKT: Hillary Gerardi - White Mountains Hut Traverse (NH) - 2015-08-07

Route variation
Standard Traverse
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
15h 59m 13s

I think I just posted a new women's FKT. Yesterday (August 7,2015) RD Jenkinkson and I completed a standard hut traverse (Carter--> Lonesome) in under 16 hours. After a nice evening and short sleep at Carter with Dave & his croo, we headed out and started the chrono just after 4am and took Madison Gulf up to the ridge. We had good (if not very humid) weather, though after a few days with rain, the northern Presis were pretty slippery and treacherous. Arrived at Lonesome before nightfall and enjoyed a warm welcome from Will & his croo and a refereshing dip in the lake.

Hillary Gerardi (Lonesome '06, Ghoul '07, Flea '08, Mad '09, Zool F'09, Lone winter '09): 15:56:34
RD Jenkinson (Pah F'06, Lone '07, Pah '08, Mad '09, Lone '12): 15:59:13

Let me know if there are any questions or if there has been another, faster time!