FKT: Hunter Leininger - Mt. Ka'ala (HI) - 2021-09-25

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4h 33m 56s

Sea to Summit to Sea on Mt. Ka'ala. Started at sea level (0ft) to the highest peak (4,026ft) on the main island of Hawaii (Oahu) then back down to the ocean (0ft)!

After exploring the whole Island of Oahu over the last week I kept looking up at Mt. Ka'ala and kept saying I want to run up there. So on the last day of our vacation, I designed a route that would take me from sea to summit to sea. I'm pretty happy with the time I put up, without knowing what the trail entailed I took it conservatively. The trail was extremely gnarly with knife's edge cliffs where it was straight-up rock climbing for miles!

I ended up filming the entire run with my 360 camera so I'll be able to post a lot of great videos later!

I'll be submitting this as a first "Fastest Known Time" since nobody has submitted this route before! I'm excited for other people to go after this record, it has everything you could want in a run!