FKT: Hunter Leininger - Skye Trail (United Kingdom) - 2023-09-15

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
23h 11m 18s
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My first international Fastest Known Time on the Iconic Skye Trail!! 

I finished the entire 80-mile trail in 23 hours and 11 minutes establishing a new Unsupported Time meaning I carried all my food and gear from the start to the finish (never threw away any trash either). I never used any public facilities picked up anything from others or bought food from stores. The Skye trail is completely unmarked so navigation is very crucial!

This run was completely random, I found myself hiking the Skye Trail and after 5 days I casually completed the trail with a friend and I randomly thought "I wonder what the fkt is?" Then the next day I found myself back a the start of the trail attempting to run it the fastest!