FKT: Iain Ridgway - Battle Road Trail (MA) - 2021-12-30

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1h 57m 59s
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Had looked at this and then Keith took it down a lot so I knew I needed a good run to get it. It was a wet day so certainly had to work harder on the early sandy/muddy sections but the rest was still pretty good, the wooden decked sections were very slippy so had to be careful. Wore road shoes and coped OK, a few slides but didn't go down. Carried 2 gels and 16 oz of gatorade. Lots of road crossings on the minuteman RT where you don't have right of way but I was lucky in always hitting it at a traffic free time, plus it is the Christmas holidays/pandemic times so the roads were quiet. Some tough little climbs late on but largely good running. Nice 2 hour blast.