Route: Battle Road Trail (MA)

Submitted by mcccxxv on Thu, 01/28/2021 - 06:19pm
Massachusetts, US
19 mi
Vertical Gain
700 ft

A journey through Revolutionary War history. Start at the eastern entrance to Minuteman National Historic Park. Follow the Battle Road through several historic building, soldier graves, Paul Revere capture site, all the way to the other side of the park at Meriam's Corner. Traverse through town of Concord passing by Concord Green & Monument until Old North Bridge, site of the first significant battle.

Loop back on historic rail beds that connected Lexington-Bedford-Concord: Reformatory Branch & Minute Man Bikeway. Until Lexington Battle Green where "first shots heard around the world" on 19 April 1775. Continue on Across Lexington trails to reach the starting point.

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I’m loving these history routes keep em coming !! Had a long run planned for today and decided ehh might as well run this route since I’m a nerd and this trail has so much history

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The .gpx file is slightly inaccurate on the trail portion that cuts through Poor Farm. The .gpx file shows the trail veering to the left at the second junction; however, there is no trail there. There is no junction there at all. It continues veering to the right before veering back left to the actual second junction where you can continue slightly to the left (to continue on the route) or take a sharp right and head back. The activity of the folks who have completed the FKT thus far also shows this exactly as well. I did not not take pictures when I was there, but I biked and ran that section on consecutive days this weekend to confirm.