FKT: Iain Small - Clyde Walkway (Scotland, UK) - 2021-11-26

Route variation
one way
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Finish date
Total time
7h 5m 0s
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A solo, but supported run across the length of the Clyde Walkway. Great weather througout, with 3 brilliant "aid stations" in the form of my friend Reg.  Weather was cold but little wind or rain, which isn't bad as it is almost December in Scotland.  

Horrible navigation issue after Hamilton area due to several factors.  I followed the official path, but factors like the new road system there, a large fallen tree over the  path, a collapsed bridge over a small burn, autumn leaves and weeds covering the route, I wasted 10-15 mins trying to find the correct route through to Strathclyde Park.  

The finish was perfect, with my wife Emma and friend / support team Reg, who both walked in to the end point bridge at Bonnington Linn, as you can't get cars up to that point in the walkway.  Can't thank them enough.